How To Build Your Vision From The Ground Up

You are the only one who can limit your abilities.You have a God Given Capacity but first you need to believe in yourself and than go for what you want in life.When you put limitations on yourself, it's hard to recognize who you are and who's you are. John 14:13

the goal is to be effective?

When you find your purpose in life and you know your mission, It's more important to be Effective than famous. In time as long as you don't give up everything your doing will be known in it's own time because your business was created with the intention to meet needs of others by finding a problem in the world and deciding to make a change and being impactful.By being effective you will eventually become famous and well known for meeting needs in the world by your followers.


I Know what your thinking what kind of title is that? Well i wanted to get your attention but also share it's meaning. You shouldn't despice small beginnings as God will have us working on things in private long before they can be unveiled in public. It's during this time you need to surround yourself with people who feed your mind,spirit and emotions in a positive way.Your environment is crucial to your development.

Tips to make your dream alive.....

don't be limited

Tip #5

Research and look for images that is a replica of your Goals, this will be used for your vision board as visuals....

Tip #6

Graditude is the key ingredient to you Manifesting things into your life.God can't give you more if you are not thankful for what you have...

Tip #7

Taking action in Faith is the key to getting you one step closer to Becoming your Dreams nothing is handed to us we have to work hard to start and reap the benefits after....

Tip #8

Now is the fun part it's time to display your vision board so you can you see the lifestyle you Desire...

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